The concept of "crisis" in old age

The concept of "crisis" in old age

The age crisis is a transitional stage in a person's development, during which physiological and psychological changes take place. The crisis in old age is manifested by drastic changes in behavior, difficulties in adapting to new age roles. It often happens that in the case of the elderly it is difficult to overcome the crisis phase, as the elderly person begins to realize that he has the resources to start a new one, he realizes that there are situations that are impossible to change.









The main symptoms of the crisis of old age are:


  • Cognitive impairment: attention, memory, perception, speech in the elderly slows speech, the ability to respond, difficulty in concentrating.
  • A tendency to loneliness as older people become more immersed in their own thoughts, becoming more vulnerable and easily hurt.
  • High demand for communication.
  • Low mood, depression, restlessness.
  • Decreased social activity - If older people used to be more active, engaged in a variety of activities, then in their case, during the crisis, everything seems to lose its interest, making them less active in society.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Digestive disorders.



The reasons for the crisis are:


  • Changing life priorities - When older people do not have a clear rhythm of life, active mental and physical activity is replaced by inactivity.
  • Deterioration of health - with age, people lose memory, hearing, various diseases can appear, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, which are also the cause of the crisis.
  • Narrowing the friendship circle.
  • Decreased physical strength, feeling of uselessness, the elderly realize that in some situations they are dependent on the environment.
  • Loss of parents, separation / separation from children.
  • Financial difficulties - When an elderly person retires, it is completely difficult to take care of his / her own needs, and consequently, it affects his / her mental state.
  • Lack of future plans.
  • Fear of death.
  • Changes in social status - this especially affects people who have held high positions, retired as commanders, and have difficulty coping with this transition.
  • Crisis affects different people differently in old age. People who are more active, self-confident, the crisis is not practically manifested in their case, otherwise the severity of the crisis is felt more.



Here are some tips to help you overcome the crisis in old age


  1. Choice of social circle - surround yourself with people you like, avoid contact with people who view everything in a negative light.
  2. Engage in a favorite և hobby that will help you overcome depression and get rid of feelings of helplessness.
  3. Psychologically correct attitude, attitude - it is possible to realize that there can be failures in everyone's life, և you do not have to constantly blame yourself, because each failure gives a certain experience.
  4. Self-realization - you can apply your skills in different areas, such as volunteering.
  5. Change of impressions - the best way to get new impressions is to travel.
  6. Establishing relationships with relatives
  7. Physical activity: step, yoga
  8. Reading
  9. Music therapy
  10. Cultural life: visits to museums, exhibitions



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