First Psychological Aid to the Elderly

First Psychological Aid to the Elderly

People with chronic (long-term) health conditions, with physical or mental disabilities (including severe mental disorder), or who are elderly may need special help. This may include help to get to a safe place, to connect with basic support and health care, or to take care of themselves.


The experience of a crisis event can make different types of health conditions worse, such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, asthma, anxiety and other health and mental disorders. People who cannot move on their own, or who have problems seeing or hearing, may have difficulty finding loved ones or accessing the services available.


Here are some things you can do to help people with health conditions or disabilities:


  •  Help them to get to a safe place.
  •  Help them to meet their basic needs, such as being able to eat, drink, get clean water, care for themselves, or to build shelter from materials handed out by agencies.
  •  Ask people if they have any health conditions, or if they regularly take medication for a health problem. Try to help people get their medication or access medical services, when available.
  •  Stay with the person or try to make sure they have someone to help them if you need to leave. Consider linking the person with a protection agency or other relevant support, to help them in the longer term.
  •  Give them information on how to access any services available.


Source Article:Psychological first aid: Guide for field workers

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