Let's Add Life to Years: Fundraiser

Let's Add Life to Years: Fundraiser

We present to you the first innovative healthy ageing center of its kind in Armenia, which operates under the Association of HealthCare and Assistance to Older People.


The Center strives to provide free services to the elderly, preserving their dignity and independence, promoting their brain health, eliminating isolation and fostering social activity. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the elderly, to ensure their dignified, happy and active ageing. Our doors are open for people aged 63 and over. We already have 35 visitors, who have become the joy of the Center.


The Center operates with an innovative model, emphasizing the strengths of senior adults, maintaining their physical and mental health, fostering their effective and meaningful entertainment, and ultimately the promotion of active and healthy longevity. 


You can also contribute to the further development of the Center and the implementation of new programs. Even very small donations can be the beginning of big changes.


Engage in our fundraising program, be the important part of our charity chain, and we will ensure the purposeful and efficient use of your donations through our mission and organizational capabilities.







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